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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Overhead Crane - Instrument For Lifting Heavy Loads

Overhead Crane
When it comes to lift heavy and bulky loads, cranes are the instruments that come first in our mind.
Cranes come in various types and sizes, suiting your requirement you can choose from the variety available. Some common types of crane that can deal with your lifting burden are Overhead Crane, gantry crane, jib crane, workstation crane and more. Among the different types of cranes, overhead cranes are the one, having the capability to move extremely heavy loads. Be it any kind of equipment or object, with overhead cranes it can be easily moved anywhere you want. With the capacity of lifting the weight from two to three tons to more than five hundred tons, makes these cranes useful for all kind lifting purposes. These cranes come in various types like industrial cranes, process cranes, automated cranes and others. With the rapid industrialization, the need for these cranes is increasing, making them a necessary tool in the modern industry.
Steel mills, petroleum production, construction sites, automative sector, power plants, aerospace industry, these are some the industries where overhead cranes are a common sight. As, these industries require handling of very heavy loads. You can even find them handling some unusual tasks. For instance in steel industry, it can be found carrying molten metal and various heavy materials.
Therefore, it is also important to give proper care towards handling of overhead crane. While operating the crane, if the safety is not given proper emphasis it may cause huge damage and may cause dangerous accidents.
The person, operating these cranes must be a qualified personnel. He should be given specific training to operate the cranes. They must be aware of the dangers involved in the functioning of the crane. He should possess the knowledge of the warning signals to be given at the time of emergency.
Overhead CraneThe operator should be well equipped with all safety gears, involving proper clothing, safety glasses and hardhats. Besides the crane operators, other workers on the floor should also be conscious of the dangers involved. Another thing that should be kept in mind is, a crane, which is under repairs or not in use for a long time, should never be operated without proper consultation with the expert.
The crane operator must have a clear view of the area around the crane pathway. As it is important for the safety of the people working on the floor. If possible the area under the crane operation should be free from any kind of movement, as the risk of any fatal accident will be reduced.
Besides this, firefighting and other safety equipment must be there in the crane's cabin, this way necessary steps can be taken in case of emergency.
Hence, taking proper care of safety features and maintenance makes the overhead crane an efficient and effective tool for your industry. Maintaining this equipment in a proper way gives you best results, increasing the productivity of your business.  


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