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Monday, 10 September 2012

Jib Cranes - Ease Your Lifting Tasks

Jib Cranes
Man always look for something that can ease his job.
And when it comes to lift the hefty and bulky objects, cranes are the only machinery to help us.
Cranes are the equipment, which has the ability to move or lift a heavy object up, down as well as horizontally. The equipment comes in various size and types. And, suiting your requirement you can choose from the various types available.
Cranes vary from the enormous giant size to smaller ones. You can see these enormous machines working in industrial units, manufacturing and construction sites. Whereas the smaller ones can be seen functional at the workshops and warehouses.
Basically there are three main types of cranes commonly used by the business houses to ease the lifting job. These includes Jib Cranes, gantry cranes and bridge cranes.
Among all these cranes, jib crane is the one that are smaller in size and are the perfect one for industrial purposes. You can easily move these cranes from location to location. Though these cranes are small in size, but are quite powerful. These portable cranes can lift weight up to two tons.
These cranes are simply called hoists as well. It is so because in the warehouses these cranes are installed on the upper floor areas. This way they can easily lift the heavy objects to any floor.
Here are some of the types of jib cranes available, making you task easy and quicker, these are;
  • Wall Bracket Jib crane
  • Wall Cantilever Jib Crane
  • Heavy Duty Jib Crane
  • Workstation Jib Crane
  • Articulating Jib Cranes
  • Stainless Steel Jib Cranes
Hence, if you are still planning to get the equipment to reduce your lifting task, just get Jib Crane and feel the ease.  


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