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Monday, 23 July 2012

Work Station Cranes-Tough Task Handling Equipment

Work Station Cranes
Need an equipment to ease your job!
Not to worry now!
Go get the Work Station Cranes and feel relaxed. The bulky and hefty material can now be easily handled.
Installing the equipment is the best way to make your work done faster. You get this equipment and improve your business efficiency and productivity. These are ideal to be used at the places with a sole operator.
This toughest lifting equipment comes for you in two different modular design:
Free Standing Cranes
Ceiling Mounted Cranes
Featuring a pre-engineered modular design, freestanding crane easily expands as your work center expand. It's a bridge crane having its own support frame. With the capacities to 4000lbs, it can be well installed on any normal 6 inch reinforced concrete floor.
On the other hand, the ceiling mounted cranes ascents to any structural building column or ceiling. This overhead structure supports the crane loads adequately. So you do not need any floor support columns.
Work Station Cranes
You get variant accessories for your Work Station Cranes:

Chain Hoist
Here, you get the option to have the manual chain hoist or the electric chain hoist. But the electric chain hoist will be the best option. It is suitable for all kinds of harsh applications.

Lifting magnets
This is another important supportive for the crane. Here, you have can opt either for Permanent Lifting Magnets or the Battery Operated Lifting Magnets.
Crane Scales

These are specifically designed to weigh the heavy and bulky objects handled by the cranes. Here, you can find many different varieties depending upon your requirements.
Go get this tough task handling equipment and get work work done speedily.....

Monday, 16 July 2012

Harrington Hoist - The Hassle Free Lifting

Lifting those galactic and heavy objects is annoying job.

Then you must be looking for a heavy lifting equipment!

Harrington hoist accomplishes your search.
The hoist helps you handle and manage those large irregular shaped objects. It makes your work done quickly and increases productivity.
You get a variety of Harrington hoist product line comes your way. It includes:
Electric Chain Hoist
Air Chain Hoist
Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist:
A mechanized device has a system of pulleys! The electric chain hoist makes your task easy and effective, with a little time involved. You can use this hoist in any type of industries be it large or small industries. Make use of the equipment in combination with cranes and other heavy equipment.

Harrington HoistAir Chain Hoist:
Acquire yourself with an air hoist, see the difference. It makes your heavy lifting functions easy and effective. In comparison with the electric hoist it runs much cooler, as powered by air. It is much safer option as well. Being without any contact with electricity, there is no danger of generating an electric arc.

Wire Rope Hoist:
Turn to a modern mechanical design and progressive speed control technology with the wire rope hoists. The equipment provides you with multiple benefits such as, easy load handling, first-rate safety measure, surpassing performance, improved technology and approbative dimensions.

So, do not spend much time on thinking , just get the perfect hoist for your business...

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Jib Cranes - The Perfect Lifting Choice

Jib Cranes
Today's market is flooded with a variety of lifting equipment. These lifting equipment, the cranes, comes in a variety of size and type. All these different varieties of cranes serve different functions. The variety of cranes ranges from the huge ones, used in manufacturing and construction units, to the smaller ones, used in factories. Among the variety of cranes the most common type of cranes are the Jib Cranes.

These cranes are the one, having a jib, a kind of horizontal portion which supports moveable hoist. This horizontal jib can be fixed or can swing, the jib can either fixed to a wall or to the floor-mounted pillar.
These cranes are mainly found in small size that is why the industrial units and the military vehicles are the sectors,where these cranes are most commonly used. To lift the material from one floor to another, these cranes are installed on an upper floor area of the warehouses. Therefore, these cranes are commonly called the hoists.
Jib Cranes

The Types....
There are mainly four types of jib cranes:

These cranes remain stable on the floor without any support. This type of cranes comes with a foundation base and thus, need no solid structure for support.

Wall Mounted
As name suggests this type of crane is fixed on to the wall and is circular in shape. The lift is mainly installed close to the underneath of roofs.

Wall Bracket
Alike the wall mounted crane, these cranes comes with a bracket and provides maximum hoist coverage. It swings the load all around the area.

Mast Style
These cranes are just like the free standing cranes with only one difference, that is, these cranes require support. They need to be mounted at the top and bottom. It helps in providing it maximum rotation to 360 degree with maximum lift as well.

Jib Cranes
Safety is important....

With any kind or the variety of lifting equipment, safety is always the major concern. It is important to take the proper safety measures before using the equipment and also when the crane is in action. It is vital because, manhandling the crane can have very dangerous consequences, it can lead to serious injury or death. Though jib cranes are smaller in size, but even then safety measures are still very important. Proper check of any bent supports is essential, before operating on the crane. Besides giving the overall training for operating the crane, it is equally important that the operator should also be given the proper know how of the emergency safety measures. Like the jib arm's range of motion, emergency Stop Buttons and Overload Indicators.

Hence, this lifting equipment is perfect tool to meet your lifting demands. With proper use, these proves beneficial for getting your work done speedily. Because of small size it can adjust very well inside large indoor premises.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Jib Cranes-Compact Solution for Lifting

jib Cranes
Crane, a common word that you hear everyday!

It is an equipment helping you lift the material from one location to another. Today's market is flooded with a variety of cranes serving you with their different functions. You often find them being used at construction sites, and in manufacturing and transport industry, moving those large and bulky equipment.

Among a variety of cranes, Gorbel Jib crane is a compact and efficient tool for industrial purpose. In these cranes a movable hoist is supported by horizontal portion called jib. The horizontal jib can either be fixed or can swing through lifting the material to any height.

A variety of jib cranes are available in the market to suit your requirements such as the wall crane and the hammerhead crane, consisting of an arm that suspends a hoist rope, hook and block.

Safety first....!
Be it a large crane or the smaller ones safety should always be given the prime importance. While using the jib crane make sure that there is no bent supports and that it is not misaligned. Along with the overall know how of the crane, the operator of the crane must know about the usage of Emergency Stop Button and Overload Indicators.

Choosing Gorbel Jib Crane, consider the following points:
  • Look for the attachment options available.
  • The correct height and length.
  • The weight lifting capacity.
  • The need for slewing stops.
  • Manual or the Motorized rotation.
  • The type of block and trolley used in the crane.