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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Have you heard about Electric Chain Hoists and their Importance?

There are many industries where need of having mechanical devices is mandatory to ensure the efficiency of work and safety of the workers. Electric Chain Hoists are ideal to perform heavy lifting tasks to get the job done with less manpower and lots of ease.

With the introduction of such equipments, there will be no need to use traditional methods of lifting or moving bulky objects. In the market there are various types of hoists available and their selection can be made considering capacity of their task handling abilities or features.

Price of these machines may vary depending on the model or type of the hoist. You may find some of them at very cheap price but at the same time you need to be sure about the quality of the products too. Safety of the employees and workplace relies on the quality of machines when operating such equipments. 

Thus, it is essential to look for a supplier who offers you not just excellent machinery but timely maintenance services too.

Internet is the place to look for different types of hoists such as Harrington hoists, wire rope hoists and Compressed Air Chain Hoists. However, it is necessary to verify about the reputation and reliability of a supplier before placing an order of hoists online.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Use Industrial Cranes at Your Workplace with Complete Caution

We all perform different types of duties that are required at our workplace. In this modern era, it is necessary to have advanced equipments in order to get the work done quickly as well as efficiently. Cranes has become a mandatory requirement in many industries where lifting and shifting of heavy objects or material is performed on daily basis. Doing it all manually is not possible and moreover it’s not safe for the employees either. However, if you have one of the Industrial Cranes at your workplace, you need to watch out many safety factors. Some of them are mentioned as below:
Industrial Cranes

  • Proper training is the first step and only a trained or certified employee should be allowed to operate machines such as cranes.
  • Any worker using cranes must not lack in confidence at any point and being overconfident can also result in many dangerous consequences.
  • It is mandatory to wear all safety equipments before using cranes to ensure the safety of workers as well as workplace.
  • Regular service and maintenance of these machines is crucial because negligence in it may result in many harmful incidents.
  • Installation of the cranes must be performed efficiently and a proper understanding of the guidelines is vital before getting started.
Have a look at the internet to find more detailed information about the safety requirements, if you are using such machines at your workplace.

    Thursday, 5 December 2013

    Rely on Work Station Cranes to Perform Quality Job Handling

    Work Station CranesThere is nothing better than having machines at your workplace that are ideal to handle toughest lifting tasks. If you are an employee in such industry, it takes off the load of manual lifting and also reduces the threats of getting injured during the performance of required job. Work Station Cranes are one of these equipments that are perfect to handle all kind of jobs and are available in different designs in the market. However, purchase of the model or design will simply rely on the needs of the organizations to get the job completed without any difficulty.

    Bridge Cranes
    On the other hand there are Bridge Cranes that are ideal for heavy load applications to get many different activities done. This crane is most suitable to produce safe work environment for the employees as it’s easier to operate these machines. However, the most crucial thing still remains the same that only qualified personnel should have access to such machinery. You need to have ample of space when purchasing these equipments because installation of these cranes require plenty of room.
    Many unique features of these machines are making this product more popular and in high demand.

    Purchase these machines from the stores holding a good reputation among their clients and are also offering their services at affordable prices.

    At our store, you can find products to satisfy your all kind of lifting or moving requirements. We are known for delivering quality products as well as services. More information can be accessed from our website.

    Wednesday, 18 September 2013

    Basic Information about Jib and Aluminum Gantry Cranes

    A JIB Crane with 360 degree rotation is usually known as Jib Cranes. These cranes can be easily moved
    from one place to another with the help of a forklift. Work ability of these machines in smaller area is really good and can easily be used in the smaller as well as tightest areas. These types of cranes can be seen in the workshops and warehouses because of their ideal size for such places. Despite of not being capable of handling heavy loads, these machines have one of the most popular lifters and can be purchased in many different sizes.

    When you are thinking about moving bulky and heavy objects from one place to other, safety of everyone should be your top priority. That is why it is crucial to use the right tool or machinery for such activities and Spanco Aluminum Gantry Crane is one of the fastest and easiest ways for moving objects. This machine is easy to store and maintain because of its low foot print design. This crane is easy to operate and has many other user-friendly features. JD Neuhaus Hoists are developed to perform heavy duty applications with their different speed controls. These equipments are available in the market with various weight capacity models.

    Having cranes is necessary today in order to perform certain tasks with ease and without causing any harm to the workers as well as goods. That is the reason why you need to look for a reliable and reputable crane service provider to receive the genuine machines.

    Wednesday, 11 September 2013

    Purchasing Electric Chain Hoist, Work Station and Bridge Cranes

    If you are looking for a machine or an equipment to lift heavy loads then you should think about Work Station Cranes for this purpose. Getting these machines installed gives you freedom and comfort of finishing the work in very little time without any trouble. These cranes can certainly improve the productivity and quality of the work done. It is also one of the best ways to ensure that the workplace is safe and free of hazards or injuries. They are also easy to move and position.

    Bridge CranesBridge Cranes are one of the types of cranes at work but with such a wonderful efficiency and durability. These cranes are overhead cranes that run on an elevated track above the factory floor and are available in the designs of top riding and under-hung.

    Electric Chain Hoist is such a valuable piece of material and there are plenty of things for you to watch out before buying one. You need to make sure about the type of hoist suspension you need and what will be the duty cycle of the hoist. You also need to decide about the horse power of the hoist motor. For usage of heavy application, you should purchase three phase power if available.

    Before making purchase of any of the products mentioned above, you need to be sure about the right brand along with all required information about the product. You can do a little research on the internet to find more detailed information and prices of the products.

    Thursday, 5 September 2013

    Harrington Hoist & Gantry Cranes – Effective Tools for Speedier Functioning in All Kinds of Factories

    Suppose there is a set of packages that is needed to be lifted and shifted from one place to another. And, the weight of each package is in tons. So, to perform the shifting operation, you have two options. To know about these, have a look at the undermentioned section.

    Option 1: You will hire manpower, or

    Option 2: You will use load lifting equipment such as Harrington Hoist or Gantry Cranes to perform the needed task.

    Out of both the above-mentioned options, the best one is the option number two. In it, you do not require to look out for labor to load and unload the packages. Also, the time consumed in finishing the work will be quite low.

    Now, if you say that you do not have any lifting equipment in your factory, then let us tell you that you are wasting your money in a really very useless way. Every time you require loading/unloading operations, you need to hire workers. They charge you high amount and also the speed of their working can never be equivalent to the functioning of a machine.

    Therefore, instead of getting into tension every time, better is to buy a JIB Crane of your own. It is just a one-time investment, but at least, it will take away all your extra work tensions that are emerge from time to work. To buy a crane of your own, Google the crane manufacturers, repairers, maintenance and modernization service providers today.

    Tuesday, 27 August 2013

    Follow these Tips to Invest Money in Right Kind of Overhead/Gantry/Bridge Crane

    For any factory, load lifting equipment such as Overhead Crane is a one-time investment that should be made after thorough thinking and research. You cannot simply visit a crane manufacturer, look at his products and buy the one that you want. If you do that, then who guarantees that the hoist you are buying will come out to be of supreme quality?

    In the present marketplace, if the number of genuine quality Gantry Crane manufacturers has increased, then the number of fraudsters has also increased at a visible rate. So, proper analysis and thinking is required so as to ensure that you invest your money in the right kind of crane.
    Undermentioned are some of the tips that will help you. Have a look!

    Undermentioned are some of the tips that will help you. Have a look!
    1. Look for the crane manufacturers online. Never go for manual purchase.
    2. Online searching will help you in getting deeper information about the reputation and genuineness of the manufacturer that you wish to approach.
    3. Make sure that the Bridge Crane manufacturer not only makes the hoists, but also facilitates installation, modernization, repair and maintenance services.
    4. Always pick the manufacturer of your own country. International ones will be difficult to rely upon.
    5. Properly analyze their products and then decide that which will be perfect according to your factory usage.
    6. Compare the prices and then select the one that facilitate surplus services as well.
    After all, it is your money. So, never make a decision in a hurry. In fact, take your time and relaxingly finalize the deal once you are satisfied with the online image of the vendor.

    Tuesday, 13 August 2013

    Difference between Electric Chain Hoist and Bridge Crane

    Electric Chain Hoist

    Normally, hoist is just like a pulley that keeps hanging towards the downside. When this particular term “Hoist” is used in context to cranes, then we can say that electric chain hoist is a strong pulley that is used to lift heavy loads. A complete cluster of rails is installed on the rooftop and the hoist is hanged from it. A distant operator can operate this machine by using a controlling device.

    Bridge Crane

    Bridge Cranes also function the same way, as the hoist does. But, bridge crane is a bit stronger than the normal hoist. In a bridge crane mechanism, rails are setup horizontally and vertically inside the factory. The weight that is to be lifted is plunged into the crane’s holding area and the same is transferred from point A to B.


    Until now, as you have got the basic idea about functionality and structure of electric chain hoist and bridge crane; I am pretty much sure that you might be considering both of them to be the same. Well, of course their structure is the same, but the main difference lies in their strength and capacities. Hoists are for lifting and displacing normal weights, but bridge cranes are for lifting and moving loads that measure in tons.

    If you want any one of these for your factory, then initially inspect your needs. Once analyzed, think that what kind of lifting machine will be perfect for your application. After that, go place online order for it over the World Wide Web.

    Wednesday, 19 June 2013

    Gantry Cranes – The Most Suitable Industrial Cranes for Major Projects

    The name – “Gantry Cranes” itself seems to be a kind of technical term, but when you have a look at the functionality of this heavy weight lifting machine, you will be amazed to find that it actually works on a very simple principle.

    Usually, a tall, vertical pattern of rails is set in the work area. Then, a hoist is hung upside down from the railing that joins both vertical pillars. As these rails are really too tall, the working of Gantry Cranes is controlled with the help of a distant controlling device.

    In some parts of the world, these load lifting machines are also known as overhead cranes. In case you are in some construction work, architecture profession or in a factory (where weight of several tons is required to be lifted numerous number of times), then you are a perfect user, who needs these kinds of Industrial Cranes to make your work much easier.

    Now, the next question that arises is that – where to buy Gantry Cranes from?

    Well, the simple answer is – over the World Wide Web!

    There plenty of crane manufacturers, service providers and repairers, who have set up their online websites. To find the genuine ones, you can initially take help of Google to fetch the list of available service providers. Then, on the basis of other inspections such as online reputation checking, testimonial analysis, service areas inspection and others, you can then finalize the crane manufacturer.

    If you think that you actually need a gantry crane to make your work easier, then you should start your search process right now.

    Tuesday, 2 April 2013

    AceCrane Services for Persuasive Industrialists

    If you are currently reading this post, then it is clear that you are a factory owner or you might be a worker, who has to mess with heavy machines for whole day long. If that is the case, then you can take a sigh of relief because I have listed a few AceCrane Services for your benefit in the below-mentioned section. Just peep into their details.

    AceCrane Services 1. Crane selling, repair and maintenance services for business owners, who want to get new cranes for their industries or for the ones, who want to re-shuffle the configuration of their existing machines.

    2. Crane modification offerings for the ones, who have recently improved their work process and want more & better results from their existent resources. If you are the one amongst those, then you can consult a crane dealer to re-configure your hoists.

    3. Timely repairs, so that you don’t have to remember the service date and the related crane dealer himself takes care of your machines and their scheduled enhancement sessions.

    These offerings might appear really very common and less-bothering to you, but when you are an owner of a factory, then you realize that you actually do not have time to schedule the repair sessions. Therefore, there is always a need of a third-party company that can take better care of your machinery. In the present market, there are a lot of AceCrane services that are available for your personal benefit. You can afford-ably avail them all and can get better ROI. Good Luck!

    Thursday, 28 March 2013

    Introduction to Harrington Hoist & Its Five Important Components

    In actual, Harrington hoist is as simple as a hook that keeps hanging downwards from the ceiling. In huge factories, such hoists are used for lifting and shifting heavy loads from one point to another. There are several companies that manufacture such winches, but before approaching them, you need to get in-depth knowledge about the several ingredients of one such pulley.

    Obviously, when you will be aware of the components, only then it will be worth-it to spend money on it. So, come on! Let’s have a look at the following points.

    1. Hoist Motor – These weight lifting machines contain 60 Minute Duty Rated Motors. Along with it, if Class B Insulation is used, its performance increases even more. Add-on such as standard thermal motor protection & cooling fins act as an icing on the cake.

    2. Smart Brake Technology – Hoists that are manufactured these days are equipped with "The Guardian" Smart Brake Technology that comes along with an extended warranty of more than 10 Year!

    3. Optional Mechanical Load Brake and Friction Clutch – These components act as a secondary brake in case of motor brake failure, prevents over-winding and protects the hoist against any kind of damage.

    4. 5 Pockets Unique Sheave – For reducing chain vibration and increasing durability of the chain.

    5. Wear Resistant and High Strength Corrosion Free Load Chain – Load chains of these cranes feature Nickel Plated, Grade 80 Load Chain to resist chain fatigue and wear.

    These 5 ingredients bundle together to form a perfect Harrington Hoist for your firm.

    Monday, 28 January 2013

    The Tough Air chain Hoists- the Know-How

    JD Neuhaus Air Chain Hoists

    Made for tough conditions these hoists employ hydraulics for operation. The high humidity, flammable, and corrosive environments are apt for the use of Air Chain Hoists. The reasons they are apt is that harsh conditions like those can damage the electrical wiring.

    What are they made of?

    They are made of, pistons and cylinders, and powered by compressed air for heavy lifting loads. They have quite a few advantages over electrical chain hoists. A few of the benefits are; Self-cooling motors, erratic speed of lifting, easiness of load spotting and lots of other.

    The know-how guide:

    Before you set to buy these hoists there are certain things that you should keep in mind. The proper functioning of these hoists should be learned from an expert or the manuals available with the machinery. A high-quality air host should have changeable speed, outstanding operation, quick reaction, handiness in usage, compact and light weight, stable brake, efficient with optional trolleys and free from hazard in volatile areas.

    The fact that they are less human effort is required; these hoists lift heavy loads in the difficult of the conditions. Some hoists come with reverse winding prevention system to avoid chains being tangled. There are different kinds of air hoists available in the market. They are best for working in corrosive and flammable environments.