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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Few Basics of an Overhead Crane

Are you into Construction or other Engineering departments where heavy machines are used to serve several purposes? If yes, then you are at the right place! Here, in the forth-coming sections, the main field of interest is Overhead Crane.

You all might have usually seen cranes over roads, Right? They are mostly used to make building task easy or to tow away or lift heavy objects (vehicles, machinery, etc.). Seamlessly using manpower for such massive tasks is both time-consuming as well as risky.

Overhead Crane in particular is a compact yet powerful machine that is mostly used in factories. As the name suggests, they run over your head. Parallel runways are made on the roofs for their smooth sliding. You can either lift or can carry heavy weights using these cranes.

It is mainly composed of three parts:

1. End Trucks: They are the main wheel that cover the gap between crane and rails. Durable end trucks can avoid interruption in the work process.

2. Trolleys: They contain chains and pulleys, over which you can hang the weight.

3. Electric Cables: They are used for providing frequent power supply.

Apart from these, there is a main control unit, which contains all the main switches. A human operator can command the machine through this panel. Automatic ones do not require human interference.

If you are also possessing one such machine in your work area, then make sure that you keep it safe. Proper care-taking and servicing of the product can enhance its lifespan.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bridge Crane - A Must Have Business Asset

Bridge CraneAre you in construction business or any other such unit!!
Yes! Then, Bridge Crane is a must have asset for your business.
Being an entrepreneur, you always want your business profit graphs to rise higher and higher. And, for that you must provide your workplace with all necessary devices and equipment. For almost all the industrial units, there is always a need for some kind of lifting tasks.
Indulging your human resource in the lifting task can be a risk. There are chances that they may get injured or met with some kind of accident. Also, the objects that have been lifted by the workers may get mishandle and damage. So, it can lead to wastage of time as well as damage to the material.
Hence, to solve these problems, Bridge Crane proves very helpful. These cranes moves on a bridge that consists of two horizontal elevated beams, which are suspended overhead. Besides, the crane consist of a trolley and pulley, which moves move across the runway. The trolley of the crane moves from one side to another of the bridge.
On the other hand, the hoist or pulley, carrying with the trolley, has the ability to get raised and lowered to shift the load at different heights. In most of the cases, bridge crane are utilized in large rectangular spaces. But meeting your requirement, you can get it designed to serve in circular areas as well.
Bridge cranes are mainly used in the industries, where there is requirement of lifting heavy loads. They are a versatile tool, which are functional at various ares. You can see these cranes operational at the areas, where the conventional means like forklift trucks are not able to serve properly. Some of the places where this material handling equipment is of great use includes, petroleum, mining, steel industry, shipyards, construction sites, power plants, aerospace, large warehouses and more.
Before you get this equipment for your workplace, make sure that you buy it from a well-reputed manufacturer. You can search the good quality equipment on the internet. Here, you come across various manufacturers offering quality material with various updated designs. You can also get a good price deal as well.
Bridge CraneOnce you have purchased the equipment, it is essential to get it installed properly. Being a heavy lifting equipment, proper installation is necessary, otherwise, it can be a cause of some serious accidents.
You need to hire a team of experts to get the crane installed. Most of the time the manufacturers themselves provide you a complete range of services. These services include delivery of the equipment, its installation and maintenance as well.

Hence, once Bridge Crane get installed in your workplace, all your lifting problems will be solved for a long time. The crane is an efficient and swift way to complete the difficult tasks, with ease.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Essential Hoisting Gadgets like Gantry Cranes and Air Chain Hoists

Gantry Cranes
We always want to complete our work easily and hassle free.

And when comes to handle heavy objects, we cannot fully rely on human strength. We have to take the assistance of some device or machinery.

Hence, to solve the problem of heavy lifting process Gantry Cranes comes to help you.

When it comes to material handling process, gantry crane is the most effective one, as well as cost effective option. These cranes are considered the best device, when it comes to lift or move extremely heavy objects.

With the support of a hoist trolley, the gantry crane moves on a rail. There is a hoist attached to the crane that helps in lifting the heavy weight. The crane possesses A-shaped legs, with wheels on it, which makes the crane movable from one place to another. 

With the ease of movement, you can shift the hefty and bulky objects from one side to another. This heavy machinery is manufactured with two types of material steel or aluminum. These material makes the crane strong and capable of lifting tons of weight easily. Gantry cranes come with fixed height, but to some extent you get the freedom to adjust its height.  

The heavy material equipment can be seen operating in places where there is a need to lift and shift bulky and ponderous objects. Some of such sites are factories, warehouses, manufacturing units, construction sites and shipping industry.  

Gantry Cranes
It is the shipping industry where these cranes are most widely used. The crane shifts the containers out from the cargo ships, to place it in the port or in the trucks for transportation. The crane can lift up to height of 100 meters, with the capacity to hoist the weight up to nine hundred tons. Besides shipping industry, the crane is a must have in the manufacturing and steel industry as well. This is because of its capacity to handle all kinds of lifting tasks.

Even at the small workshops, where there is no requirement of lifting heavy objects, these machinery can be seen functioning. 

The main advantage of the gantry crane is its portability. As being a portable crane, you can shift these cranes to any location where lifting job is required. It is also beneficial in case you want to change your site, as you can easily move it to other location.  
It is very essential that the crane is made of high quality material. It makes the crane more durable as well as safe. Hence, the crane should be purchased from a well-reputed brand, providing you the best and high quality machinery.

Hence, gantry cranes and JD Neuhaus Air Chain Hoists are an essential asset of the business house. They make your material handling work easy and in long run increases your business productivity and profits as well.