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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gantry Cranes - Solving Your Lifting Problems

Gantry Cranes
Are you looking for some durable solution to assist in your lifting tasks!!!
Not to worry, Gantry Cranes are there for your assistance.
Gantry crane is the ultimate answer for your material handling process.
The crane is a portable solution that can be moved around to any place you want to. With the capacity of lifting weight more than ten tons, the crane can be rose up to the height of hundred meters.
Steel and aluminum are the materials in which these cranes are available, making these cranes very strong and durable as well.
There are various areas where these cranes are functional. Some of the sites are manufacturing units, steel plants, shipping ports, industries, construction units and more.
Besides these, there are many other ares these cranes can be used. The crane comes with the capacity of lifting and shifting the goods and equipment that are very bulky and enormous.
Gantry cranes are available in four different designs, you can get the one, meeting your requirements. These designs include;
A Series Gantry Crane: The crane with the capacity up to 10 tons and height up to 16'.
T Series Gantry Crane: It comes with capacity to ten tons and height goes up to 23'.
PF Series Motorized Gantry Crane: The crane with the capacity to fifteen tons, with maximum height up to 35'.
E Series Gantry Crane: This type is available in both the fixed and adjustable height. The fixed height has the capacity to five tons and spans to12'. And, the adjustable height has the capacity to three tons and spans to 11'.
So, if any of the design suits you then all you need is to invest your savings in a gantry crane soon. 

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