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Monday, 2 July 2012

Jib Cranes-Compact Solution for Lifting

jib Cranes
Crane, a common word that you hear everyday!

It is an equipment helping you lift the material from one location to another. Today's market is flooded with a variety of cranes serving you with their different functions. You often find them being used at construction sites, and in manufacturing and transport industry, moving those large and bulky equipment.

Among a variety of cranes, Gorbel Jib crane is a compact and efficient tool for industrial purpose. In these cranes a movable hoist is supported by horizontal portion called jib. The horizontal jib can either be fixed or can swing through lifting the material to any height.

A variety of jib cranes are available in the market to suit your requirements such as the wall crane and the hammerhead crane, consisting of an arm that suspends a hoist rope, hook and block.

Safety first....!
Be it a large crane or the smaller ones safety should always be given the prime importance. While using the jib crane make sure that there is no bent supports and that it is not misaligned. Along with the overall know how of the crane, the operator of the crane must know about the usage of Emergency Stop Button and Overload Indicators.

Choosing Gorbel Jib Crane, consider the following points:
  • Look for the attachment options available.
  • The correct height and length.
  • The weight lifting capacity.
  • The need for slewing stops.
  • Manual or the Motorized rotation.
  • The type of block and trolley used in the crane.

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