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Monday, 23 July 2012

Work Station Cranes-Tough Task Handling Equipment

Work Station Cranes
Need an equipment to ease your job!
Not to worry now!
Go get the Work Station Cranes and feel relaxed. The bulky and hefty material can now be easily handled.
Installing the equipment is the best way to make your work done faster. You get this equipment and improve your business efficiency and productivity. These are ideal to be used at the places with a sole operator.
This toughest lifting equipment comes for you in two different modular design:
Free Standing Cranes
Ceiling Mounted Cranes
Featuring a pre-engineered modular design, freestanding crane easily expands as your work center expand. It's a bridge crane having its own support frame. With the capacities to 4000lbs, it can be well installed on any normal 6 inch reinforced concrete floor.
On the other hand, the ceiling mounted cranes ascents to any structural building column or ceiling. This overhead structure supports the crane loads adequately. So you do not need any floor support columns.
Work Station Cranes
You get variant accessories for your Work Station Cranes:

Chain Hoist
Here, you get the option to have the manual chain hoist or the electric chain hoist. But the electric chain hoist will be the best option. It is suitable for all kinds of harsh applications.

Lifting magnets
This is another important supportive for the crane. Here, you have can opt either for Permanent Lifting Magnets or the Battery Operated Lifting Magnets.
Crane Scales

These are specifically designed to weigh the heavy and bulky objects handled by the cranes. Here, you can find many different varieties depending upon your requirements.
Go get this tough task handling equipment and get work work done speedily.....

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