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Monday, 25 June 2012

Gantry Cranes Your Hoisting Equipment

Gantry Cranes
Being a human, it is not always possible for you to do all heavy chore. In completing some difficult tasks you always need the help of machinery.
So, the cranes are here for your help!
These heavy equipment are mainly used in manufacturing units, construction sites and factories.
Today you can find different kinds of cranes for ease your heavy job.
Among many other types of cranes, Spanco Gantry crane is the one which proves to be an essential lifting equipment. It has the capacity to hoist very heavy and irregular shaped objects efficiently. This portable tool can be easily moved from one location to another for lifting purpose.

Are you planning to get gantry cranes for your business?

Following are the types available for you:

Fixed Height:

These cranes have a fixed height that cannot be altered. They are mainly used at the places where lifting of heavy weights is not required frequently.
Gantry CranesAdjustable Height:
As the name suggests the height of these cranes can be adjusted with help of grooves on the support beams. These are used at the places where objects are to be lifted at varying heights.

Single Girder:
These are used in small manufacturing units, and have wheels fixed in different areas of the factory.

Double Girder:
With comparatively greater height than the single girder cranes, these are used to lift heavier objects.

Rail Mounted:
This high tech crane is designed for intensive container stacking. It is mainly use in shipyards, steelyards, and in locomotive industry.

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