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Monday, 4 June 2012

Electric Chain Hoists-Easy and Quick Lifting

Do you want to get your lifting work to be done efficiently and easily?
Electric Chain Hoists
Electric Chain Hoists is your tool then.
The hoist is a convenient to use and can complete its task much faster. It is a useful equipment for lifting of heavy loads. With a simple mechanism, these hoists can be used in almost all types of industries, small or large. These are also used with cranes and heavy equipment.

To suit the requirements of your business, a variety of Electric Chain Hoists with various features are available in the market.
Some of the features are:
  • Heat treated with wheels
  • Hardened chain guides for smooth chain operation
  • Less wear heavy chain brake caliper
  • Checkpoints
  • Low-voltage circuits
  • Effective braking system
Other than these features some hoists have hook suspension, protecting the engine from being contaminated by external factors, quick connect chains and a push button.

Electric Chain HoistsBe Cautious!
While using the hoist some of the security issues should also be taken into account. To avoid any misshapen never hoist the load near or over the people.
The operator of the hoist should be given proper training and demonstration for operating the device effectively, so as to handle the equipment properly.
For the overload protection, the hoist should be fitted with a torque-limiting device.
Make a periodical inspection of the hoist by expert professionals. Before it is used for operations, mandatory checks should be done. For safe and proper functioning the operator should always follow the basic steps. 

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