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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Bishamon EZ Off Lifter- An Efficient Positioner Promising Easy Load Management

A large variety of material handling equipment provides an invaluable help in making it easier to work with heavy loads in different work environments. The BishamonEZ-Off Lifter is one of the most useful equipment that is highly simple to use and makes working with heavy loads a lot less demanding. It is extremely safe and has a special rotating platform with an advanced, patented feet-clear safety circuit that unfailingly stops the platform 9 inches above the floor, which goes a long way in preventing foot injuries. Moreover, it also features special safety warning lights and also an alarm.
With BishamonEZ loader pallet is positioned properly as the platform accompanies some highly efficient safety covers and also a chain cover guard. Additionally, it also has an automatic platform lock that keeps it from turning when brought down. These remarkable security features go far in providing an ideal set up for an efficient and safe operation. 

This unique lifter is available in two models. One category is anchored to the floor and the other has rear leveling feet for extra stability. The first model has three incline position alternatives and also a high-performance pallet stop. Both models are covered with a tough powder finish that shields it in extreme working conditions.

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