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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Air Chain Hoists- A Perfect Equipment For Your Diverse Lifting Needs

The advancement in technology has created a highly comfortable environment at workplaces which has made it easier to perform many difficult tasks that were previously considered beyond a human’s capacity. With the assistance of the most recent innovations in engineering, performing various load lifting jobs in different industries has become highly simplified and streamlined.

A hoist is basically a mechanical equipment that is specifically designed to accomplish several load lifting jobs. These come in several sizes and capacities, which makes them a suitable equipment to improve the productivity and efficiency of different working environments.

J D Neuhaus air chain hoists are one of the most mainstream types of hoists that are particularly manufactured to be suitable for operation in hazardous conditions as the air does not give rise to any sparks. They are especially proficient in their working and operate with compressed air. These are highly durable mechanical equipment and additionally do not require much effort on the maintenance front.

These special compressed air chain hoists are powerful technological wonders that do not demand a steady electric power supply for their smooth and break-free operation. They are 100% duty cycle, implying that these pneumatic lifting chain lifts are suitable for continuous use for long durations. These are adept for especially long lifts where an electric engine would usually overheat. They are accessible in different lifting capacities and therefore you can choose the one that best fits your business applications without any problems.


  1. Hello Dear,
    Very nice and unique post...I got more useful idea regarding wire rope hoist...Its one of the best lifting equipment...Thank you too much.......

  2. The electric wire rope hoist lift up heavy weight objects by the coiling rope with the drum and carry these objects using a powerful electric motor. It is exclusively designed for heavy load lifting. It is safe and used when one requires lifting and rearranging of heavy loads.