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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Jib Cranes-Facilitating Lifting Tasks

Jib Cranes
Today’s market is flooded with a variety of cranes. Each type and size of crane is useful in its own way.
There are some which are used in factories to lift or move smaller objects. Whereas, you also come across the enormous ones, used for lifting much heavier objects.
Jib Cranes- the small size cranes are the perfect equipment for industrial purpose. They are mainly installed in the upper area of the warehouses. Here, they lift the heavy objects and move them to all floors.
The working of equipment
There is a horizontal section, called jib or boom in the crane. This part supports a moveable hoist. The jib or boom is mostly fixed either to a wall or on floor-mounted pillar. But some of the jib crane also comes with a jib that can swing through. This provides a more lateral movement to the crane.
You find wide variety of jib cranes, including the wall crane and the hammerhead crane. This variety of cranes come with an arm, suspending a hoist rope, hook and block.
Though all these types are quite useful, but safety measure should never be neglected. Always pay proper heed towards the safety prior to and during the working of crane.
So, no more troublesome manual lifting now....


  1. This is small size crane and it is useful in small size factories to move heavy things or raw material from one place to another.

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