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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Gantry Cranes - Lift Up The Hefty Gear

Gantry Cranes
Once there was a time, when there is no way of lifting heavy gears.
But technology has revolutionized the whole scenario. Besides many other gifts, one most useful gift of techno world is crane.
The equipment comes in wide variety. You can see it everywhere, be it factory, manufacturing unit or any construction site.
Spanco Gantry crane- the lifting gear, which is mainly distinguished by their A-shaped legs with, wheels. The machinery has the ability to lift and shift tons of weight.
Structured from the steel or aluminum, the cranes are usually set to a specific height. Although the height can be adjusted to some extend. Thus, helping you long way in fulfilling your needs.
Now let’s have a look at the types of gantry cranes:
Rail Mounted- This type of cranes are powered mainly by steam or electricity. You can see this type of crane operational in shipyards and steal yards.
Fixed Height- Just like its name, these cranes have a standard height that cannot be adjusted. Find these cranes working in factories, moving around to lifting heavy objects.
Adjustable Height- Solving the problem you face with fixed height cranes, here are adjustable height cranes. In this type of crane you get ridges on the support beams. This helps the hoist to be elevated to a certain height.
Besides these, single and double girder are other two kinds of gantry crane available.
Hence, whatever type you choose, it surely proves to be the best investment for your venture.

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  1. Single girder gantry crane and double girder gantry crane are both great! They can improve working condition.