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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Difference between Electric Chain Hoist and Bridge Crane

Electric Chain Hoist

Normally, hoist is just like a pulley that keeps hanging towards the downside. When this particular term “Hoist” is used in context to cranes, then we can say that electric chain hoist is a strong pulley that is used to lift heavy loads. A complete cluster of rails is installed on the rooftop and the hoist is hanged from it. A distant operator can operate this machine by using a controlling device.

Bridge Crane

Bridge Cranes also function the same way, as the hoist does. But, bridge crane is a bit stronger than the normal hoist. In a bridge crane mechanism, rails are setup horizontally and vertically inside the factory. The weight that is to be lifted is plunged into the crane’s holding area and the same is transferred from point A to B.


Until now, as you have got the basic idea about functionality and structure of electric chain hoist and bridge crane; I am pretty much sure that you might be considering both of them to be the same. Well, of course their structure is the same, but the main difference lies in their strength and capacities. Hoists are for lifting and displacing normal weights, but bridge cranes are for lifting and moving loads that measure in tons.

If you want any one of these for your factory, then initially inspect your needs. Once analyzed, think that what kind of lifting machine will be perfect for your application. After that, go place online order for it over the World Wide Web.

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