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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Few Basics of an Overhead Crane

Are you into Construction or other Engineering departments where heavy machines are used to serve several purposes? If yes, then you are at the right place! Here, in the forth-coming sections, the main field of interest is Overhead Crane.

You all might have usually seen cranes over roads, Right? They are mostly used to make building task easy or to tow away or lift heavy objects (vehicles, machinery, etc.). Seamlessly using manpower for such massive tasks is both time-consuming as well as risky.

Overhead Crane in particular is a compact yet powerful machine that is mostly used in factories. As the name suggests, they run over your head. Parallel runways are made on the roofs for their smooth sliding. You can either lift or can carry heavy weights using these cranes.

It is mainly composed of three parts:

1. End Trucks: They are the main wheel that cover the gap between crane and rails. Durable end trucks can avoid interruption in the work process.

2. Trolleys: They contain chains and pulleys, over which you can hang the weight.

3. Electric Cables: They are used for providing frequent power supply.

Apart from these, there is a main control unit, which contains all the main switches. A human operator can command the machine through this panel. Automatic ones do not require human interference.

If you are also possessing one such machine in your work area, then make sure that you keep it safe. Proper care-taking and servicing of the product can enhance its lifespan.


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